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Robert C. Weber

Branch Manager  |  NMLS 165136
206 Princeton Rd, Suite 33,
Johnson City, TN 37601


The Core Training Inc. Graduate, MIG Rookie of the Year 2003


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Excellent customer service skills to build long-term relations with open communication.
 Able to effectively soothe irate customers to establish good relations, which lead to increased business.
 Consistently meet or exceed all sales goals and customer service goals.
 Able to train sales professionals with excellent track record of exceeding expectations.
 Conceptualize strategic marketing plans based on market research to achieve aggressive sales growth for a variety of industries including retail, wholesale, restaurant, etc.
 Design and layout advertising graphics and copy for unique market positioning.
 Use value selling with personal accountability techniques, which achieves over 4 out of 5 closing averages with strong client base.

Causes I Care About

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Teenage Youth Development

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My Ideal Vacation Spot

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Disney World

My Favorite Pastime

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Spartan Races

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